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Join Witness for Peace Southeast in our dedication to effecting change in Latin America and the Caribbean. You can participate in many ways! If you have questions about any of these opportunities, please email us at

Volunteer or Intern With Us!

If you are interested in helping spearhead the effort to bring greater peace and justice Latin America communities, Witness for Peace has multiple volunteer positions and internships available.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are needed to plan community events, help our communications team, and assist with various office and administrative tasks. For example, you could host a movie night, help us write up our quarterly newsletter, or pass out flyers about Witness for Peace at your next big rally.

If interested, please send an email to If you know what you might be interested in doing, please specify that in the email. Otherwise, we can discuss all the volunteer opportunities once we connect!


During both fall and spring semesters, as well as over the summer, Witness for Peace offers part-time internships to Triangle-based undergraduate students. In the past, students have coordinated our Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice, overseen our Speaker’s Tours, and mobilized delegations. After interning, many students continue to be involved in Witness for Peace (we’re so grateful for their passion for our work!), either traveling themselves on a delegation, joining our board of directors, or continuing to volunteer in a wide variety of capacities.

Current Internship Opportunities: We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer Internship position. A job description and position information about our Fall Semester internship will be posted shortly.

Attend an Event

Speakers Tour. Attend a lecture in the fall of each year to hear a guest speaker from Latin America address the issues of the day. Lectures are held throughout the southeastern U.S. and are free and open to the public. Want to get even more involved? Organize a Speaker’s Tour event yourself! In the past speaker’s have spoken to University classes, high school classes, church congregations, and local non-profit groups.

Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice.  Each spring we engage in a week-long march across North Carolina to raise awareness for social and economic issues. This year we walked to demand an end to free trade agreements, the drug war, and incessant US militarization. We walked to welcome refugees and immigrants to this country. We walked in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and with Farmworkers. We walked in solidarity with all those whose voices are continually suppressed in our society. Learn more HERE.

Additional Events: Witness for Peace hosts and sponsors other community events throughout the year, from rallies, people’s assemblies, and movie nights. Check the calendar to see when our next big event is!

If you’re interested in partnering with us on an event – such as hosting a speaker in your community or coordinating a stop on the pilgrimage – please send an email to

Be a Delegate

International Delegations. Join us in Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, or Cuba and experience Latin America for yourself. On delegations you meet with local communities and organizations, hear their stories, and learn how you can be a part of their struggle for change. Get more information here!


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Delegations are the heart and soul of Witness for Peace. We were born out of the passion of concerned citizens who left their homes one day to see first-hand what life was like for those living in Latin America. Observing the effects of American military and economic policy for yourself is crucial in understanding the effect of these on the lives of so many in Central and South America, but is also crucial in achieving our mission of building transnational solidarity.

On a delegation, you might find yourself sitting around a dinner table, breaking bread with local activists. You may venture into a local factory to connect with workers and witness the conditions they toil away in, day after day. You might find yourself working in an elementary school garden with the children of your host family during a homestay. And you’ll find yourself in the US Embassy advocating for just changes in American policy.

Overall, you will immerse yourself in a new culture, and come back changed, empowered, and inspired. If this sounds like an experience you are interested in, please see the list of upcoming delegations below. Click on the name of the country for more details on that delegation. You’re also welcome to click on “Delegation Reports” to learn more about past trips, which will shed light on what you may encounter during your own journey to Latin America with Witness for Peace.

Contact us at if you are interested in organizing your own delegation!

Colombia: A Woman’s Tale: Approaching Community Peacebuilding in Colombia with a Feminist Perspective

March 19-28th, 2018

TOTAL COST: $1,450 + airfare (Remainder of Balance Due: Feb. 15th, 2018 ) Deposit: $150 (Application and Deposit Due: Jan. 15th, 2018

Click here to apply for this delegation

El pueblo no se rinde, ¡carajo! In May and June of 2017, residents of Buenaventura, Colombia held a three week long civic strike to protest a continued history of government neglect. The strike ended when government officials and strike leaders agreed to continue negotiations on a variety of issues including health, human rights, and economic opportunities. Many strike leaders and participants have been women defending their rights and the rights of their communities.

This delegation aims to highlight the voices and stories of women involved in activist work in Buenaventura and surrounding areas. Throughout this delegation, we will meet with women and women-led organizations, asking questions about how state abandonment, U.S. policies, and their activist work have impacted their lives.

What it is like organizing as a woman? How are women crafting peace at home while also working towards regional and national peace? How can we learn from them and support their movements?

Participants on this delegation will:

*Meet with a wide range of Colombians (community leaders, growers, displaced persons, and human rights defenders) with a specific emphasis on women

*Explore the connections between women’s rights and human rights

*Learn about social organizing in Colombia

*Discover the impacts U.S. policies have on the everyday lives of women in Colombia

Download Delegation Flyer

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For more information, contact delegation coordinator:
Chelsey Dyer,

Cuba: Changing Relationships: Politics, Healthcare, and Education in Cuba

January 21st-30th, 2018

Total Cost: $2,100 (includes an extra trip in Cuba) plus airfare and visa fee————Total Due: December 21, 2018

Deposit: $150—————————————————–Deposit and Application Due: November 21, 2017

Click here to apply for this delegation

With steps forward in diplomatic relations in the previous administration and steps backward in the current one, the relationship between the United States and Cuba continues to be complex and dynamic. Thus, the impact of U.S. policy on Cuba is more important than ever to explore. In the context of decades-long history of U.S.-Cuba relations since the Cuban Revolution, his delegation will explore the impact of the U.S. embargo on the island, and the impact of the recent “normalization” between the two countries  and now U.S. movements under President Trump away from that rapprochement. Delegates will meet with Cubans from all sectors of society to learn about the history of the Cuban model, its achievements and struggles, and Cubans’ visions for the future. Come learn about Cuba from Cubans themselves and understand what U.S. policy changes we can make to promote a just relationship with the Cuban people.

Participants on this delegation will:

  • Hear from Cubans first-hand about the effects of the U.S. embargo on the island
  • Explore Cuban national priorities, such as universal education and healthcare, in historical context
  • Discover how U.S. policies affect the island and its people

Download Delegation Flyer

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For more information, contact the delegation coordinator:

Peter Berres

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