Annual Pilgrimage


Each spring, during Holy Week, WFPSE joins with others in a week-long walk to demand justice for the working classes and those marginalized in North Carolina and Latin America alike. We consider this a journey of hope and life whose goal is to raise awareness about policy issues that affect us all. Joined by a coalition of concerned citizens from varying backgrounds, experiences, and communities, we walk across rural North Carolina and through its cities raising awareness and encouraging action. For more information about this year’s pilgrimage click here.

Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice FAQ

Q: What route does the Pilgrimage take?

A: In an effort to reach as many people as possible, our route changes each year. In 2015, we made stops in Morganton, Siler City, Graham, Burlington, Greensboro, Kernersville, Raleigh, and Durham, walking the rural routes along the way. More information about the next Pilgrimage will be posted as plans become finalized.

Q: It’s a pilgrimage during Holy Week. Does that mean I should be religious in order to participate?

A: Not at all. Though the Pilgrimage does have historical roots and current connections with faith-based organizations and volunteers, its aim is to bring awareness and effect change for all, especially those who currently hold little or no political power.

Q: If I’m not religious or don’t have a faith to speak of, what do I need to believe in to participate in the Pilgrimage?

A: Social and economic justice at home and abroad. That’s it. We welcome people of all belief systems, but most especially, those who believe in socio-economic justice and want to help effect change.

Q: I’d like to participate, but I can’t walk for a whole week. What can I do?

A: You can still join us! Whether the whole journey isn’t feasible for you due to your schedule or a physical condition, we welcome and encourage all to join us for as much or as little time as they can, whether that be an hour, a day, or the entire journey. We realize that not all who want to join the Pilgrimage will be able to do so for the entire journey, so we’ll post updates about when we will be in each city we pass through.

Q: I still can’t join the walk, but I’d like to do something. How can I help?

A: Donations for food and water along the way are always helpful, but you can also help make signs and posters for Pilgrimage participants to carry. For more information, please see the Get Involved section of our website.

Thank you to our 2017 co-sponsors: